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Sep. 16th, 2016 05:33 pm
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30 | Maryland | INFJ-A | Introvert |Sagittarius | Gray-Ace
Writer & Professional Fangirl

Currently a stay-at-home auntie helping to raise my brother's two daughters.

- this journal can contain material that is 18+
- i'm a sporadic poster & i can forget to comment back
- there's a lot of whining about family & writing woes
- a lot of talk about my mental health

About me:
- Photoshop junkie
- Dabbles in HTML
- Bookworm
- Anxiety like woah
- I have two kitties; Stiles (the girl) and Harley (the boy)
- Proud (but exhausted) Auntie; 4 nephews & 3 nieces
- I hoard notebooks and pens like a dragon hoards loot
- Ten pounds of crazy in a five pound bag
- ADHD like WOAH
- Likes to respond in GIF form
- Sarcasm is my only defense
- Life is dramatic yet boring
- Socially awkward, thanks anxiety
- Left handed (the hand of the devil!)
- Collects nail polish
- Obsessed with stuff that has foxes on it
- Tattooed and pierced
- 5 years, no self harm
- Likes weird fictional boys
- I will never sing, ever
- But I love music
- Likes to play exactly two video game franchises (Devil May Cry & God of War)
- Has grown up to become Squidward Tentacles
- Loves Stephen King books
β™ͺ i am aware, that i am an asshole, i really don’t care about all of that though β™ͺ

Fandoms: Teen Wolf is my main fandom, but also:
Haven / Sons of Anarchy / Hemlock Grove / From Dusk Till Dawn / Stranger Things
Sense8 / Daredevil / Being Human US / Lost Girl / Jessica Jones / Scream Queens
Under The Dome / The Maze Runner / Buffy The Vampire Slayer / Scream the series
Bates Motel / Eye Candy / Justified / Shameless US / many others.

Ships: I multiship everything on Teen Wolf. My only notps are Lydia/Parrish & Lydia Peter. My major ships are:
- Stiles/Lydia
- Derek/Lydia/Stiles
- Scott/Malia
- Scott/Lydia/Stiles
- Derek/Braeden
- Isaac/Malia
- Lydia/Allison
- Malia/Kira

Other fandom ships:
- Roman/Destiny (Hemlock Grove)
- Seth/Kate (From Dusk Till Dawn)
- Duke/Audrey (Haven)
- Frank/Karen (Daredevil)

Other things that are very much about me:

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